Kamaleela Hot Movie 18+

Kamaleela tells the story of Sanjay and Suchitra, a happily married couple. Sanjay is a doctor and is most of the times at work. Sanjay loves Suchitra a lot but his interpretation of love is twisted somewhere as he believes that Love is equal to Sex. Suchitra is annoyed by this habbit of Sanjay’s and yearns for his true understanding and comfort. She receives this understanding from Gopal, a milkman. Suchitra and Gopal strike up a relationship endangering Suchitra’s married life. One fine day Sanjay finds Suchitra and Gopal in compromising position. He asks Gopal to leave and keeps Suchitra locked in the house. Sanjay is not able to forgive his wife for her betrayal. Suchitra on the other hand yearns for Sanjay’s forgiveness. On being dejected and dissapointed by Sanjay Suchitra commits suicide.


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