Chinna Veedu Chitra Tamil hot movie

Chinna Veedu Chitra is the Tamil dubbed version of Malayalam movie Sisiram directed by U.C. Roshan starring Shakeela

Full Story: Hemanth a businessman married to Vasunthra,whom leading a peaceful life,meets his yester year lover Chitra whom attends an interview for the Steno post in Hemanth’s company. Hemanth surprised to see her after a long period & appoints Chitra as his steno,both re-establish their relationship & after some time Hemanth realizes that his relation ship with Chitra is wrong and it will affect his personal life if his wife Vasunthra come to know,so he starts to avoid Chitra for which Chitra gets annoyed and tries to blackmail Hemanth over phone,the call was overheard by Vasunthra and she kills Chitra without knowing that Hemanth shoots in the rear side of a woman thinking that it was Chitra but it was Vasunthra whom get the bullet shot by Hemanth and dies,Hemanth not able to digest the lose of his loving wife commits suicide by pulling the trigger of the pistol which was placed in his forehead.
Actor(s): Ramesh Chitra , Shakila
Director(s): Sajjan


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